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Birthdate:Mar 9
Location:Massachusetts, United States of America
Topography: maps
show green and brown lines that
tell one story of
the land I love

Other stories:
Re-forested, birch
the oldest trees;
now oak, pine, sassafras, witch hazel
crowd the ancient white ones.

Waters that flow now
Where none were before
Others gone, changed their course
Nothing's still
Even the stones have moved
glacial menhirs tilting, shifting

Once I knew well the
land's every hollow; it calls
me to know again.

I've come back
to write, to paint
to sing and dance
to celebrate life with joy and love
to create
to dream, think, and wander
to feel wet clay spinning under my fingers
to lie on the forest floor, worshipping the sky
to laugh loudly
to spin, weave and cut
to grow food
to curiously explore the world
to let the Light in

Interests (138):

a capella, aikido, aly bain, anti-morris, art, art nouveau, astrology, astronomy, bach cello suites, bagpipes, beck, bernd heinrich, books, brooks, builders of the adytum, celtic knotwork, classical music, co-creative science, contra dancing, conversation, dr. who, emily dickinson, entomology, erotica, etymology, everything, farm, fiber arts, fiddle, finland, fireflies, firefly, flying pickets, galway kinnell, genji, geology, gilbert & sullivan, gjallarhorn, glengarry bhoys, glenn gould, grania o'malley, greer ilene gilman, haibun, haiku, hardanger fiddle, hiking, hildegard of bingen, howard frank mosher, hummingbirds, iceland, indian food, japanese court poetry, jewelry, john crowley, jorge luis borges, kage baker, kalevala, kate bush, klezmer, knitting, koto, languages, linguistics, mermaids, metacomet-monadnock trail, mike oldfield, mini cooper, molly dancing, moonwise, morris dancing, mummers' plays, murasaki, mysticism, mythology, n.k. jemison, nalo hopkinson, neil gaiman, nnedi okorafor, nordic roots, nordic skiing, nudibranchs, nyckelharpa, old english, old norse, opera, orchids, organic farming, painting, patricia mckillip, penillion, poetry, pogues, potter's wheel, pratchett, pre-raphaelites, punk, quakers, rain, rathkeltair, resistance, rivers, robert goddard, robin hood, rocks, rumi, rumpole, ruth mackenzie, sacred landscape, sandy denny, sawmill river, shakers, shays rebellion, shiny things, singing, solar, spiritual paths, stan rogers, star trek original series, star wars, steampunk, steeleye span, sunlight, sustainability, taku gaels, the inklings, theater, tom bombadil, tomatoes, tracking, traditional folk, trees, violin, walt whitman, welcome yule, wildlife, writing, yarn, yeats
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